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A high school located in Bernardsville, NJ of about 800 students from five towns: Bernardsville, Bedminster, Far Hills, Peapack and Gladstone. Widely considered one of the best public schools in the state, BHS does have its share of deadbeat potheads (about 80% of the student body has at least tried marijuana) but also many intelligent, hard working students who attend renown institutions for college. Because the school is located in such a wealthy area of central NJ, the student parking lot and Olcott Avenue contain many luxury cars such as BMWs, Audis and the occasional Porsche. The hallways are frequented with students wearing J Crew, Polo, Vineyard Vines and every other expensive clothing brand you can think of. Although predominately caucasian, there are a large amount hispanics that attend Bernards that mostly live in "Little Paraguay" at the edge of Bernardsville. Being a smaller school, Bernards athletics can be lacking at times but occasionally have success such as the recent boys soccer state championship and football team's conference championship. Although they usually show up closer to half time rather than the beginning of the game, Bernards students are known to very rowdy at sporting events and create a great home field advantage, along with making games very fun to attend and a social event. BHS can be relatively boring but students coming to school intoxicated or high serve as interesting topics of discussion although they are usually short-lived.
You go to Bernards High School? How many country club memberships do you have?
by bhsstudent March 18, 2012
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the school that has "new" carpeting (which smells like piss), doesnt have AC even though theres so damn man rich people in that town,has fights happening like everyother day, has drug deals going on in the middle of the hallway, has more minories then caucaisans,where richass kids pay for theyre lunch in nickles, and where you get anything stolen,where girls where fucking coach converses,where if you dont have a other brandname (aka LV) purse you are considered poor and uncool, and above all where almost any student can outsmart almost any teacher, and considering the IQ of most of the students, that IS saying something.
You have to love Bernards High School's ability to not realize how many probelms there are.
by honest student 000 January 19, 2005
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