Hometown of the Forbes (magazine), Mercks (drug company), Johnsons (Johnson & Johnson), and Lorillards (3rd biggest tobacco company in the US), to name a few. It's one of the richest towns in the country, and yes, it's in Jersey, but not the Jersey you know. Think Greenwich, CT on steroids.
If you live in Bedminster, you know what this town is about. It's "Bedminster" not "Bed-minister", for all you ignorant fuckheads who've never heard of this town. We live on estates, not in houses. We ride our horses with the Essex Fox Hounds to go foxhunting and go to parties afterwards with some of the richest and oldest families in the country. We hold the best parties because our parents are always away, and with 500 acres of property, no one can hear even the loudest music. We attend the best schools in the country, mostly because we're legacies or our parents donated a wing to the school. We complain about the shitty dirt roads because we can't speed the new roadster Daddy got on them without getting a flat. But it's OK because the CEO of Ford lives down the street and can get us the new Land Rover that isn't even out yet.
We know that the further down Lamington Road you live, the bigger your house is.
Most of all, we know that The Hills and any house less than 8000 square feet is not "Bedminster"- US 206 splits us from that trash. Anyone who tries to walk over will be hit with a rogue 18 wheeler as they cross, not to mention grossly inflated housing prices and general snobbery.
This is not "Jersey". This is Bedminster.

James P. Dillon IV: Timmy, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Forbes
Timmy: Haha, like that crazy rich magazine guy who does the Forbes 500?
James P. Dillon IV: Actually, yes.
(Awkward silence)
by minster October 26, 2009
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A bubble town in Central New Jersey. A tiny place of huge expanses and horse farms, where the rich come to experience the country on their 300 acre estates. In the 1970s a developer sued the town for the right to build the largest housing development in New Jersey here. When the town denied the building rights, he sued on the basis that the town did not have enough low-income housing. So he built The Hills, a colony of the same exact beige house over and over again, and enabled people who were not in the top 1% of the earning class to have a Bedminster address.
Nearly 30 years later, the Hills is where the trash lives. West Bedminster is still enormous estates owned by blue bloods, who come out for weekends from their Park Avenue apartments and complain when their Bentleys break an axle from the crappy dirt roads. The estates are also a place for their children to throw parties when they come home from English boarding schools.
"Downtown" Bedminster is nonexistent, with a few shops. There is a strip mall by The Hills that offers a CVS, grrocery store, ice cream, and several crappy small stores that are constantly going out of business.
The public school is K-8 and has 80 kids per grade, so you stay isolated in the bubble until you hit your teens.
West Bedminster: You're from Bedminster? You must be incredibly rich and old money. Why aren't you at an English boarding school right now?
Hills Resident: No, I live in The Hills.
WB: Oh, so you're the trash that my taxes send to public school. Your parents work for my parent's Fortune 500 company. . . as janitors.
by BedminsterBrat July 19, 2009
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Scabby area of Bristol located near to the up and coming Southville. Often called bemmy by it's inhabitants (meadersbemmyschavsandtownies) The beautiful centeral feature of Bedminster is the strange East Street, which includes cheap shops and ends with a large Asda supermarket. Many compare East Street to a pyschiatric wing in a hospital because of the hundereds of strange people found there.
I's goins' down bemmy, you comin'?
by xo izzi ox January 30, 2005
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Bedminster New Jersey is home to some of the richest people in America such as Forbes, Woody Johnson, Jacqueline Mars and Delorean. Lamington road and Larger Cross are where the cream of the crop live, not in the shitty ass Hills. In Bedminster you can find a lot of horses, big ass estates, and your typical bros from Delbarton, Gunnery, The Hill School, Lawrenceville and any other 50k private high school you can think of.

Places to eat are willies tavern they got some dank shit, as well as bedminster pizza (legit best pizza ever ask trump) trattoria Mediterranean (expensive italian restaurant where all the rich ass local mobsters eat) and salad creations where u can make ur own dank salad. O and almost forgot shitty Pizza Brothers where all the Spaniards work and deliver the pizza in a hummer, who the fuck drives a hummer now a days, o wait, shitty ass pizza brothers!

Bedminster is also known for the famous "Hunt" with Far-Hills (Far hills is part of bedminster Township). the hunt is the biggest Steeple Chase race in the country, however no one gives a shit about the horses, they just care about drinking from 9 in the morning till god knows when the hunts over. At the hunt you can drink from kegs at every other spot, as well as see sloppy hoes fighting in the mud, and bro's displaying bro love. The hunt is really the biggest shit show of the year and is bedminsters claim to fame.
Bedminster NJ
by Dan Danlar November 6, 2009
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a public school in bedminster nj. for a public school it is well kept. two different social classes come into play in this school. the wealthy kids from regular bedminster, and the kids from plukimin. the school is pretty boring, have to be popular to get invited to parties. the middle school is in the same building as the elementary school so they are stuck in the same building all their career at this school. 8th graders need to get out of this place and many of them start to ditch their friends for kids at bernards middle school.
person 1
that kid goes to bedminster school
person 2
yeah, his parent are smart, they don't want to send him to a snoby rich prick private school.
person 1
by bisexual sea lion October 20, 2010
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it sucks , loads of people from 5-8th are fake. Most teachers are pretty nice but there’s some that are just ugh. homework is ugh also. No one really likes it there and rlly want to leave it starts to late and ends later then most school.
oh no i’m going to bedminster school
bedminster school great i wanna kashoot myself
bernerds is better then bedminster school
by secret.teller123 November 21, 2018
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