A town where everyone is either Irish, Italian or both. Breeds alcholism, and drug addiction. When people leave to go off to college they realize how the things we do are not exactly normal to the rest of the world. Girls dont think anything of hooking up with two guys who happen to be brothers or best friends. If theres not a party going on the whole teen population seems never to know what to do and always ends up in krauszers parking lot.
If you drive on the streets oh Berkeley heights at night theres a very good change one out of every 4 cars driving on the road is a drunk driver.
by bh lovee January 27, 2008
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Pull out the whitest shirt you own. See it? Now multiply by 5. Now look around you. There's Berkeley Heights
Berkeley Heights = whites
by YassStarbuks69.9 September 4, 2015
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Like SHORT HILLS Westport and Darien Berkeley Heights is on of the wealthiest towns in the US. We drive around in either a BMW Mercedes or a Lexus, which our parents bought for us. We don't pay for college bc we get full rides on either academics or sports bc we are that damn good. Our parents own banks, hotels or restraunts, or all three. Everywhere you look there is a gas station or a pizza parlor. The only black people in this town are the ones that work here. Berkeley Heights is also known as Berkeley Whites!
Hey let's go to Berkeley Heights and rob a bank and then get a slice of pizza!
by Justinaa October 12, 2005
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A 6 day festival where there are thousands of kiddie rides, and 3 good rides on average, all run by people who don't know a word of english. They've got good food, but the band, rides, and games suck. In fact, just go, get your damn Zapples, watch the show, and leave. Unless your related to a fireman. In which case, stay. You get free VIP wristbands for the rides. Sure, they're kiddie rides, but who cares?
"Screw you guys, I'm GOING HOME!" Cartman said when we saw the Berkeley Heights Mt. Carmel Feast.
by ItalianPersonManGuyLady July 11, 2010
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