A very handsome and friendly boy. He attracts people with his looks. He loves to eat baked goods and fruits, especially grapes. He loves to create his own music using a DJ editor. Benjamin is one of many friends who you will trust.
"Benjamin is my best friend!"
by Octopusquidward August 24, 2012
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His name is Benjamin, but he likes the name Ben. He likes really cool bands (Breathe Carolina, BOTDF, We Came As Romans, Adept, SILVERSTEIN) and tbh he's just a nerd with cool hair. He totally knows what MMPORG is, he's quite shy. He has brown hair that's swishyyyy :D he also owns clothing that you will want to steal e.g. Drop Dead. He hates chav's. He tends to leave clothes at the bottom of Lolcano's in Vietnam but hey he's crazy like that.
Person 1: I really need a Benjamin he has such cool taste
Person 2: I know I love his Drop Dead stufff
by BENJAMINISSOCOOL October 20, 2010
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Cute awsomely awsome dude that loves to play and is always nice to everybody has five cousins and loves to share and play with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benjamin is the funnest awsome dude in the entire world loves always is happy and loves bubbles!!!!!!!!
by happy cousin sam April 11, 2009
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He is kind and clumsy, yet strong and good at parkour. He is the smartest person you have ever met but can b very stupid and make bad decisions if put under pressure. He is a great friend but a terrifying enemy. You definitely want to be on benjamins good side.
Benjamins friend: Oh did u bring your project in
Benjamin: Crap, I forgot it at home
Benjamins friend: Bit u worked so hard on it. Your an idiot
Benjamin: yeah, I am
by I'm onlyMad3 of truth June 21, 2017
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A Cocktail made with equal parts scotch or rye and pickle juice, and a splash of dry vermouth. Garnish with a pickle spear and a cocktail olive or onion, on the rocks.
I had like nine Benjamins man, you can't hold that against me.
by cocktailXpert January 12, 2011
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An amazing guy. He has nice hair, which is different everyday. He plays the drums, and is fucking amazing at it if you ask me. He is friends with everyone, and is an awesome person to be around. He makes the best jokes and will listen to you when you're sad. He has the best blue eyes that you could stare into for hours. He loves his video games, but that's the cutest part. He's a keeper.
"Hey Maddie, who do you like?"

"Well, he has amazing blue eyes and a great sense of humour, his hair is freaking awesome, and did I mention he played the drums? He's so smart-"

"It's Benjamin, isn't it?"

by MyHeartsAStereo June 19, 2013
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