Ben Murphy was a famous actor in the 1970's but his phenomenally poor acting and bad career has lead to his name becoming an insult used widely across school classrooms who have seen his movies as part of media studies. The most famous one being "a night with the horse" or "Why so Gorsey?"
"Your acting is terrible, its kind of like ben murphy"

"Isn't that a tad Gay? Yeh a bit Ben murphyish"

"Thats so annoying, stop being such a Ben murphy!"
by waheeybeanadophy April 18, 2009
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To deservingly punch someone in the face. Commonly used in a lift (elevator)
"Did you see that? She just Ben Murphy'd him."
"If you don't shut up I'm going to Ben Murphy you."
"What did you do?" "He was talking shit so I Ben Murphy'd him."
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