An incredibly intelligent person, can catch girls quite easily. He normally is in a good mood but its rare you find him in a bad mood. Shy on the outside but once you know him he's quite LOUD! Also very, very, very, fit .
Amy: Can you see that guy over there, he looks like a right fitty!

Maisiy: He's called Ben Hardy and don't say anything about him!
Amy: Why not?
Maisiy: Cause he is mine...
by Boiiowlshere July 17, 2017
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the literal most attractive man you’ll eVer lay eyes on. played archangel in x-men: apocalypse and currently stars as roger taylor in the new bohemian rhapsody movie. hot as fuck
ben hardy could punch me in the face and i would thank him
by abigsoftie November 26, 2018
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The hottest man on earth. If you go anywhere near him you WILL burn to death! He’s also my husband so if you decide to meet him- do not try to Take my man cause u might or might not end up in the hospital.
example: ”I” was ShrekShook when I found out I was pregnant with Ben Hardy’s child.
by 039.xc March 16, 2019
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Biggie cheese. Big Chungus. Ben Hardy is all those things combined. He looks like a 4 year old, but is actually a 4 year old.
Damnnnn Big Chungus is dummy thicc tho..

Big Chungus? Don’t you mean Ben Hardy?
by BenChungus November 19, 2019
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one of the most gorgeous, intelligent, amazing people in the world. is so fit with long hair. needs to slide into my dms asap.
friend: oh my god look at this boy he’s so fit.
me:em excuse me. that would be ben hardy. born 2nd january 1991. he’s mine. don’t go ANYWHERE near him. thank you 😘
by borhap March 12, 2019
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Lucie cook-martin's dream guy cos he had his top off once.
Lucie: OMFG Ben hardy IS SO FIT

by Leader of the EDL January 04, 2019
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