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1. To repeatedly steer conversations and attention to yourself by creating wild and imaginative stories.

2. An Attention Whore on interweb message boards who continually shines the spotlight on wild and fantastic antics.

3. A future VH1 "Behind the Music" reference when somone makes it in the recording industry and their dirty little secrets are revealed.
1. "Dude! Quit being a Beltandin, no one believes all that crap can happen to one person!!"

2. "OMFG! Look at that Beltandin, he kicked his lesbian wife to the curb and is hypnotized by a pair of 19 year old knockers!"

3. "Much like the mythical Beltandin, superstar Mr. X was arrested for public nudity and transporting a minor across state lines in his early 20's."
by n00b January 02, 2005
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