The saggy fat located below the belt line. Usually bulges out of their pants.
Man look at that lady, she has fat below.
by lexy December 21, 2004
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(adj.) Below the line of what is acceptable behviour. Used to describe an insult that was a little extreme, but comes from physical fighting where Queensbury rules and broughton's rules dictate that no punches are to be thrown below the belt.
That was a bit below the belt

he hit me below the belt
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 15, 2004
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Substandard, not acceptable.

If you really think about it, this saying is backwards. In golf, to be below par is good, however in this saying below par means bad. What a crazy world we live in...
Teacher: Your report was well below par, which is why it received an F.
Smart golfer: If it was below par, then why did I get an F? That sounds pretty silly to me.
by b-razzle September 26, 2006
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If repeated outloud several times, it is reminescent of the words "blow me". Comedically used by "Sean Connery" on Celebrity Jeopardy, a skit on the TV show Saturday Night Live.
Alex: "Below me... Below me... I don't get it."
Sean: "Oh I'm sure you do you cannadian ponce."
by Jesus of Nazarath April 10, 2007
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A homosexual person who has not come to terms with their sexuality is said to be below deck.

below deck was initially coined to describe the various stages which lead to the coming out of homosexuals.

To fully understand this expression, one must realise that for many years, no one bothered putting much thought regarding the whereabouts of the closet, which happens to be... below deck.
How could Dan come out of the closet? he doesn't even realise that he is still below deck.
by froggus March 28, 2010
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