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The Belmont Transfer is a sexual move named after the Belmont "L" train station on the north side of Chicago that has a free transfer between the Red and Brown lines. It is a metaphor for switching from vaginal sex to anal sex, also known as "switching from the Red line to the Brown line."
Matt: "I took home some random girl from the bar last night"

Sean: "Nice! Did you pull the Belmont Transfer?"

Matt: "Damn straight kid!"
by MMJ November 11, 2005
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1. When a man moves from the front door of a lady having her period (red) to said lady's backdoor porch area (brown) and back again (purple).

Based on Chicago's sexy and efficient train system. Similarly named moves are found in Boston and New York.

2. A long-form improv style characterized by moving quickly from one story arc to another and back again. See Chicago improv group "The Belmont Transfer."
"Hey, you comin' to see the Belmont Transfer tonight perform at the Playground?"

"Sorry bro, I'll be movin' from brown to red with Lacy all night long. It's our anniversary."
by Beezus Jeezus April 10, 2009
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Slang term referring to the switch from vaginal to anal sex, assuming the female participant is 'on the rag.' The Belmont train station in Chicago, IL is where the Red Line meets the Brown Line.
I earned my red wings with her, then she insisted we go anal, so I made the Belmont Transfer.
by Dave Abbitt February 05, 2009
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When you're fucking a guy so hard his brown line turns in to a red line.
I gave Christopher a Belmont transfer last night. Now he has to use a blow up doughnut when he sits down.
by Mattfouz2 November 23, 2013
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