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Bellmawr is a small town in South Jersey, in which exit 3 of the New Jersey Turnpike, I-295, and Route - 42, have exits, making it a hub of Philadelphia/Camden suburb traffic. These major highways have lead to the importance of the Blackhorse Pike, Browning, and Creek Roads in the neighborhood. Major cultural institutions include Carmen's Deli, Home of Delicious Italian Hoagies, Andi's Steak's, Hot Diggity Dog, Italian Paradise (try the Chicken Finger Platter!), the Belmawr Library, the Bellmawr Post Office, and the late, great Italia's Pizza, soon to be restored. Bellmawr can be regarded as a typical semi-suburban town: the goings-on here are slightly more eventful than true suburbs while the youth here are really only pretending to be urban; Many families are impoverished while many do quite well, leading to strange inter-familial and child-friend relationships. Major schools of the area include Ethel Burke, Bellmawr Park, and Bell Oaks, as well as Triton Highschool. Catholic Schools for the town are St. Francis, in Barrignton, and a number of Highschools in the area, such as PVI, GCHS, Camden Catholic, and Bishop Eustace. The town is also home to Mary Mother of the Church. Despite the availability of these insitutions, children will most often be found roaming the streets or adventuring in one of the many small wooded areas about the town. Popular woods include, but are not limited to, those at Bradley and Devon Ave. (which run along 6th Ave. and I-295, and make for decent paintball), those running between Roberts Ave. and the turnpike (including the semi-secret access from the Blackhorse Pike to Roberts), the many located along the Industrial Park, including those at Lowell and Benigno (including the car park at Beaver Brook), and “The Tracks”( running between Benigno and the corners of School House Ln. and Walnut Ave.) as well as the greater Walnut Ave./Industrial Park woods, and those in the greater Creek Road/ Bellmawr Park area. Bellmawr Park is an area of particular interest to preteens/teens, as well as the nearby Bellmawt Girls Softball League Area. Culturally, the area is semi-diverse, certainly not as pitiful as the previous poster suggested. There are many emo/ punk/ hipster kids, one epicenter, for the particularly skater-ish being Braisington and Bradley Ave.. This side of the Blackhorse Pike is generally more skater-kid, while the other side is generally more Hip-Hop. The Hop-Hop kids find their epicenter in Bellmawr Park, in which, it should be noted, can be found seriously tiny, yet incredibly cheap, military barracks style houses in the Southwest of town. The Hiphop kids of Bellmawr sometimes refer to the town as “B-Town”. People from Runnemede often poke fun at the town, although the differences between the two are truly slim. This conflict is easily traced back to the idiocy of highshool, particularly that of Triton. Apart from the stereotypes fowarded by the previous poster, Bellmawr citizens are typical of the area and share the general sense of semi- denial/ nonpride in their New Jersey heritage as anyone else. To those old timers who might have stumbled onto the site, I can note for you, that I have heard of once great occurrences at Bells Farm. Of course, the sight, once of horseback rides, is now home to your parents/ you, as an old-folks home as recently been established at the site. I'd encourage those people who look fondly back on theit childhood in Bellmawr to either add their own interesting,/additional posts or to create a post including both my info and your own. Long Live B-Town!
Living in Bellmawr might not be the most exciting experience in the world, but at least we have it better than those fuckers in Runnemede!
by dwash253 March 06, 2008
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Bellmawr is a a quite popular town in Camden County, New Jersey. They currently roll squad deep and fuck up any other town that has a problem. It's such a popular town rumor has it people from Runnemede, nj, have been trying to have their town's name renamed to NewBellmawr, pretty gay huh, not as gay as blackwood.
jwowz: so your from bEllmawR?
kid: I go to Triton but not from Bellmawr
jwowZ: nO wonder you have no sWag
by manWasnamedafteradumpsteR September 20, 2010
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A small town in New Jersey, right near Runnemede and Gloucester City. Bellmawr kids either go to PVI or Triton. Either way, 90% of the girls are trashy, inbred, or drug addicts. Most girls in Bellmawr have sex before they reach 8th grade, and are home to many great STD's, including herpes! All of the boys think they are skaters and more then half of them have criminal records. And let's not forget the kids who start dressing like wiggers before they can walk. Bellmawr kids drive shit cars, and consider a souped up '97 Honda to be a "Bellmawr Benz". Bellmawr has an area called Bellmawr Park, which is by far trashier then Camden. You don't want to go into Bellmawr after dark, because the 856'ers roam the streets in their girl pants and huffy bikes, waiting to stop you and steal your Ipod. If you live in Bellmawr, you know that the chances are you will grow up to either work at a diner or an Auto Mechanic Shop. And chances are your parents are stoners or drunks. And let's not forget the Bellmawr girls. They know how to get around. Bellmawr is good for two things - a home for the trashiest of trash, and the Bellmawr sluts. Because everyone needs a blowjob from a bisexual anti-prep whore.

"Hey man, I heard you got a BJ from bellmawr trash last night".

"Yeah, now I'm like any guy at Triton who got with a Bellmawr girl! I have herpes!"
by A kid who October 01, 2006
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