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Considered one of the best Fan Fiction pairing to ever exist in the Harry Potter universe. Bellamione is the love between the two characters Bellatrix Lestrange and Hermione Granger. This pairing is very popular on Tumblr and well loved by many people. Comedian, Mae Martin, referenced this pairing during a BBC program Russell Howard's Good News when performing a composition called the "Erotic Fan Fiction Song".
Person 1: I really love Bellamione!
Person 2: Who doesn't?
Person 1: I'm off to read Bellamione!
Person 2: Living the dream I see.
or possibly:
Person 1: *reading Bellamione* Oh Bellatrix, I wish I was your Hermione...
by TheBlushingBellamoineReader March 30, 2013
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Bellatrix Lestrange/ Hermione Granger ship. Most fucked up ship ever, all spawning out of the torture scene in DH part 1. Seriously fucked up, and has some pretty messed up fanfic written about it. A non-canon (obviously) ship.
bellamione shipper: I love the dynamic between Hermione and Bellatrix! There was so much sexual tension in the air, so I ship bellamione!
Normal fan: You, sir, are batshit crazy.
by RumbleRoar July 02, 2012
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