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1. the act of a person, animal, or thing that belks.
2. managing or executing: the belking of a task or mission.
3. an act of childish tomfoolery. Most commonly associated with pranks involving facebook, woodberry jokes, or some combination of the two.
4. the condition of having hair with a crisp golden-blonde sheen.

5. succeeding, winning, or completing a task beautifully.
6. smiling and walking with a satisfied strut and smile. Usually after a prank or conversation with respected person (i.e. coach, teacher, store owner) over 40 years old.
1. It's weird, I've been belking so hard the past three days that I've been able to get my schoolwork done, have a blast, and look pretty while doing it.
2. Did you see how much Belk was belking last night? It was really fucking sweet, man.
by AlecDarby November 14, 2010
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