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Beheshta means: girl with beautiful long hair, short but beautiful, smart, funny and loving. She is really good at running and she has a very cultral background
" did you hear about that georgous girl that ran a marothon to raise money for the poor" "yeah she is like, my beheshta of the month"
by Serena Vanderwoodson October 12, 2011
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A girl who has medium brown beautiful hair who always uses hair serum to make it even better. Big brown eyes that look like youre staring into shit. She super thicc and her pussy is always wet, she is a bollywood goddess soon to become a bollywood actress, she is very funny and "kind", she seems like a bitch at first but once you get to know her she turns into a nice bitch. she thinks she has the best advice but doesnt and she likes all the guys but they only like her as a friend. if you mess with her friends she will slap so hard you blasted all the way to China. Even though shes not dating anyone her dating advice is goals.
person:go get some advice from Beheshta.
other person:no her

advice sucks.

boy:Hey what are you saying that Beheshta girl is so nice
girl:you must have been talking to someone else
by scarywhitekid December 11, 2018
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