Only the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. This beautiful Persian-belgian girl will change your life. She is the kindest, most caring person you'll ever meet. All she wants to do is help others. Her humility is absolutely mind blowing. This quirky girl will get in your head and you won't be able to ever get her out. Her eyes would be the most amazing thing you've ever seen if it weren't for her face. She loves to crunk, grunk and spend some quality cozy time. You'll wonder how a girl became so perfect. She's weird in the best way, an amazing kisser and is so obviously going places. You'll be the luckiest guy if you can land a Beesly
"Is that Beesly?"
"You mean the goddess? Yes"
by Itshalpert September 27, 2017
When one fails academically, as in failing an exam or class. Derived from Pam Beesly of The Office (U.S.) who failed out of art school.
Oh man, I totally Beeslyed my history exam and now I'm gonna fail the class.
by Cathy Simms Halpert August 17, 2020
The most relatable and cute character on the hit tv show "The Office". She is an aspiring artist with big dreams. She works best alongside Jim Halpert, who is a sexy beast.
Amy- "Did you watch the office last night?"

Nancy- "chyeah! I love Pam Beesly!"

Amy- "Me too! she's a babe!"

Nancy- "..."

by Super Ruth April 16, 2008
Guys are said to have Pam Beesly Syndrome when they exist in a limited dating pool with one moderately attractive female on which all male attention has become fixated over time. Said fixation elivates the female's attractiveness exponentially over time, making her appear hotter and more desirable then she would in an open dating pool.
You wouldn't be concidering her at all if you didn't have Pam Beesly Syndrome.
by IAmProbablyPooping February 2, 2017
When you are engaged for more than one year.
My brother has been engaged with his fiancé for a couple years now. Quite a Beesly Engagement.
by PeteJohnErSon May 5, 2018