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When you make a girl take off the thong she is currently wearing and dip the thong in beer then ring it out in your mouth.
"Dude last night I did a beer thong off Jordan last night and it tasted tainted as hell!"
by Joe Loesche October 26, 2011
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A variation on an ice luge substituting a person's asscrack for the block of ice. The act requires two people to complete successfully. Typically the first participant will position their mouth at the base of the asscrack of the second participant. Then beer will be poured down the asscrack into the mouth of the first participant.

In its original conception the act was strictly homosexual in that both participants were to be male. Often times a reacharound was added to increase the homosexuality of it. In theory it is not limited to male participation only.
George much prefers to do beer thongs with reacharounds instead of beer bongs.
by Vladiator August 27, 2008
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