An individual who shows up to a party and immediately drinks every alcoholic drink in the surrounding area
Hutton is a real beer drinker, he really tore up the party last night, I didnt get a single drink.
by dudeman3874 May 6, 2009
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One who is an expert at the art of drinking beers.
Someone who can handle large quanities of beer in one day.
#1Rick was impressed by Profesional beer drinker Karl feat of drinking 18 beers and still play a mean game of bags, and he was textdrinking.

#2Danko can only handle 3 to 5 beers before he breaks his seal or is drunk. No way will he ever be a professional beer drinker.
#3Rich, Lou and Karl are a team of professional beer drinkers called the 250lb man club!
by Krazy K Mooghasi June 20, 2009
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One who is working their way up through the beer drinking ranks, usually starting off with cheap, shitty light beer and progresssing to stronger, more full bodied fare.

A person who enjoys drinking beer but can only handle a few before slurring, vomiting, and pissing on themselves.

A pro beer drinker who has a half boner(semi)
#1. I remember when Karl had his first beer; he could barely hold down a Miller Lite. Now he pounds Heineken like it's water. He's ready to step up to the pros and have a Guiness with Rick.

#2. Danko, the quentessential semi pro beer drinker, had two beers, then his pants fell down and everyone saw his Blue Moon.

#3. CR had a partial rod from staring at all the prime booty while he slammed a few Modelos.
by Dr. Cockenstein June 21, 2009
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