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A game involving beer and darts usually played while camping. Two players sit across from each other about 10 feet each armed with 3 darts and a beer in between their feet. The opposing player must try to hit the other players beer with their dart. If they do a hole is popped and the player with the beer must shotgun their beer out of the hole created by the dart. Usually this involves more than one beer and is an ideal way to get really drunk really fast.
Dude! Keenan was playing beer darts and he got a dart in the arm! Then he was so drunk that he jumped into the glacier river in his underwear and passed out at 3pm!
by tbrown90 December 08, 2010
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when you try to knock the other guys beer off the table with darts. if you hit his beer and knock it off, you win. if you miss, you take a drink of your own.
oh man i was playing beer darts last night and i totally kicked his a$$.
by Josh6900 February 17, 2008
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Beerdarts is a simple game played one on one or in teams of 2. Each player is seated and aims for the can of beer on the ground beside (or in between) his or her opponent. If the can is pierced you must shotgun to the level where the hole was made. A second hit is a dead can, must be finished before the players next turn and is a point for the throwing team. Point systems may vary, but 3 is usually the winning point. Other variations may be made to the game at your discretion, however these are the base elements of a leisurely competitive game of beerdarts.
gonna go play some beerdarts on the roof today!
by Jim Callahan June 28, 2010
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