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1. A not so popular competitive drinking game where you sit in front of 6 beers (cans, bottles, or glass), and 7 shots of any liquor. You start by taking a shot and then chugging the first beer, taking another shot, then chugging the next beer. This continues until someone either pukes or can no long continue. The winner is the first done or whoever lasts longest.

2. The act of sipping a beer because you really don't like it, but don't want anyone else to know
John: Last night I played Beer shot against Matt and lost, but I really won.
Bob: How do you lose but win a game?
John: If you saw Matt you'd understand

Bob: At that party last night Mike just say in the corner taking beer shot after beer shot. By the end of the night he barely had a full beer down.
by theonlyBuster1 July 21, 2008
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