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The ability to get home after a night out on the booze and not remember it
i.e. "I don't remember getting home last night, I must have caught the
beer scooter".
by Karlito April 20, 2003
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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(extra credit to Dogfish)n. The remarkably quick method by which you get home after a night out on the piss, forcing you to remark you had an indelible mode of transport. (N.b. please also be aware of 'beer scooter with a puncture' which is a much slower form of transport, where you start out with speedy intentions; but spend the majority of the night dragging extra equipment attached to your legs)
"How did you get home Sebastian?"

"On a beer scooter"

by stouffer March 04, 2003
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