The term used to describe a person who is brought along on a ride to Tree House Brewery for the sole purpose of buying beer for their partner. The Beer Mule spends neither their own money nor drinks any of the purchased product for themselves. They are only there to wait in line, hand over payment, retrieve product and be escorted back to the vehicle for transference of ownership to the Beer Mule's partner. It is a highly respected position.
I brought my mom along as my beer mule when I went to Tree House when they offered Julius last week.
by CNPalmer August 10, 2017
an individual who carries at least two cases of beer for the benefit of others.
The Cooker: "Pete Dick can be a real prick sometimes, but boy he is one useful beer mule."
TP: "Yep, you can always count on him to carry serious quantities of beer."
by Pete Dick March 5, 2008