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The Beer Bandits are a group of extreme hard asses, whom instead of buying the beer in which they drink, they in fact steal it. Much easier, and now they can afford other important things, such as gum, and gasoline.
Timmy: Man those guys have so much beer! How do they get it all?
Jimmy: They are the Beer Bandits man, THE Beer Bandits
by Freshtadef April 24, 2007
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At a bar when the waiter/waitress takes your beer/drink before you have completely finished it. Usually happening while you are outside smoking.
Guy: Hey! That beer bandit took my drink, I still had a few sips left!
by Shann481 March 08, 2007
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A girl who punches someone in the face and shouts "BEER BANDIT" while simultaniously stealing thier beer.
"WTF!! Dude that girl just punched me in the face and shouted Beer Bandit!"
by A.Mar March 06, 2007
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