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Beejin is a term placed above the word buzzin in rank.

Beejin is usually used to display an act of excitement but is usually wanted to be disuised.

If someone therefore realises they are truely bursting with excitement they will taunt them say that they are BeejinM
Craig: "I just can wait for camping this year it will be immense all the girls there just cant wait for my impecible biceps,"

Matt: "yeh should be good"

Luke: "yeh will be a good laugh"

Craig: "Man I just can't wait"

Luke: "your Beejin you!"

Craig: " No... I'm not."

Craig: " Oh no not another whopper of a GOALFLASH text damn nabbit its costin' me a whole weeks allowance, grrr, I'll burn their houses down!"
by Master Carter August 04, 2010
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When a man ejaculates inside of a woman and the woman tries her hardest to clean up before work but some sperm "fall out" and get her undies all wet so she has to live in saturated sperm undies all day.
Sonja is "beejin" it today and smells like rotten vag.
by mattman427 September 24, 2016
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