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A small ex- ironworks town 10 miles north of Newcastle upon tyne. Bedlington is hugely populated by radgies. The local young scum tend to gather around Bedlington station until they have been dispersed. The then swarm to Gallagher Park to continue their Friday night sesh. The kids from Bedlington High tend to set fires in the woods and gather round them with bottles of alcohol. Some who can't afford alcohol bump it off somebody else of just act intoxicated
'You fancy going to Bedlington we will go to the woods with a bottle of cactus jacks and have a bucket?
by somewannabe April 16, 2017
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A shitty town in Northern England largely populated by chavs and other low-life subhumans. A large majority of the population is stupid, smokes, drinks every night, and lives off taxpayer money via benefits.
Local inbred: Haaaaw man hew lets gan doon the station and get pissed heeeeew!

Normal person: No, you chav scum. Ashington is far more civilised. Bedlington is shit and cold.

Normal person 2: Yeah, at least they have a McDonalds!
by someguyfromthenorth December 02, 2010
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