An old southern or country term for bed sheets or linens, e.g., sheets, pillow cases, etc. Even most southerners do not know the term anymore. Not to be confused with pajamas. Not clothes a person wears to bed, but instead clothes that your bed wears.
My girlfriend was bitching at me today because I haven't changed the bed clothes in 3 months and we have sex in there like 5 times a week.
by Magnus von Slaughterhausen February 25, 2010
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An old-timey term for bed sheets that originates in the 14th century and is now solely used by old Victorian ladies and the Hamrick family of West Virginia.
Will you please go get the nasty bed clothes off of our bed and put them in the wash if you'd ever like to have sex again.
by MortH81 April 03, 2016
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