An Amazing Girl, Who Has Huge Dreams And She Wants To Be A Movie Star.
by Kms lmao August 4, 2017
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The definition of a sexy, british, bad-ass lady. There use to be Becky Street, but it had to be renamed, because nobody crosses a Becky. Kate Middleton's favourite grandchild will be called Becky. One time Brad Pitt met her and said she was pretty. She made Marilyn Monroe feel jealous, and she has counted to infinity-twice. On Saturday afternoons, she can be found in a limo.
Thank God--no, thank Becky!
by booksbe4boys November 18, 2014
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An amazing, tall beauty with long, curly blonde hair. She's a wonderful friend who is loyal and will do anything to help out someone in need. Loves animals and children. Has strong opinions but also listens to others point of view. Is great at teaching personal boundaries but posses no 'purple bubble' of her own. Often originates from England but embraces Canada and its culture. Those who know her are proud to call her a friend. According to an upset husband, she can be a confrontational bitch. none of her friends agree with this though and think she is wonderful to know and love. Those who are lucky enough to call her a friend know the true value of her friendhsip. She has often been seen rescuing stray dogs from the side of the highway by passing motorists. She does not know the true value others place on her friendhsip and can often overlook her own worth.
by Lucky to know her February 27, 2013
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A caring, sweet, and funny girl. All the black guys want her. The black girls say she is built like a black person cause she got a big booty. very athletic. Loves God. and she is always there for you no matter what!
do you know Becky?
oh.. that thick ass white girl?
by philly35 October 16, 2012
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A character made by Dan Howell, aka danisnotonfire on YouTube. Becky is a shy and quiet character, with a huge contrast to her best friend Jessica, a drama queen and rumor spreader.
"Oh my god, Becky! I just saw the tallest lesbian ever!"
"Okay, Jessica...."
by TwentyOnePhans_AtTheDisco December 27, 2016
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An awesome girl, someone who loves music. Loves harmony and is very kind. Always wants peace in the world. Somebody who meets a Becky, become hooked with a Becky.
OMG I am hooked with Becky!
by Ivy the Bean March 19, 2016
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