People with an obsession with The Beatles. They're also the greatest group of fans in the world.
"wow that girl is awesome"
"she's a beatlemaniac"
by BEatlemaniac1234 December 17, 2012
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The biggest proactive fan of popular british band The Beatles, who only like bands and don't say negative things about other bands. Can easily leave bisexual Directioners or faggy Beliebers behind. Know what great music actually is, and for that matter have a very good taste in music. Possibly the awesomest fandoms ever to roam the Earth.
Gal1: Dude, I am starting to like The Beatle's songs.
Guy2: I think you're becoming a Beatlemaniac.
Gal1: Is that good?
Guy2: Damn right it is. *croutches* I love the Beatles, and so do you. Will you marry me?
by A very good guy May 17, 2013
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Iris the Beatlemaniac, or should I say... Iris the maniac! Iris the (Beatle)maniac is cruel, cold, mean, sour, your worst nightmare, your sleep paralysis demon even! Stay away from her at all costs!
Hide! Iris the Beatlemaniac is coming our way!
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