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Person who is obsessed with all forms of the electronic genre of music. Finds it as a way of life and a way to relax. Beat heads are usually those goofy kids you see at electro house shows with glasses and a smashed bottle of water, asking someone for a cigarette.
"I've seen that guy at every house night in this club for the past 4 months, what a beat head!"

"Dude, i think i have serious problem, i've become an obsessed beat head"
by beat head February 02, 2009
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When electronica music came to be, it raised a culture of people who listened and re-created the sound over and over in different ways, followed by the moniker, techno. Then, people became obsessed with the different styles, thus changing the name of the music from techno, to "beats"

Now, one who listens to electronica music incessantly is a "beat head".
There was a line of beat heads that strung around the club to see the electro-funk dj.

The dance party was packed full of beat heads.
by tmaxxx April 15, 2009
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