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1.Extreme anguish occurring immediately following the removable of a Beard. Often following the removal, bitter regret and reminiscing of good times yourself and the beard had and questioning the decision is common. This often lasts until 5 O’clock the following day depending upon length, care and quality. Many will question your decision while others will applaud, however only you and your beard know the actuality.
The choice to disband from your beard is often not of your own will, but of someone else’s, this is the worst case. An example of this is where an individual is required to shave his/her beard for a job, and this person experiences Bearders Remorse.

The choice to shave without cause is a tragic one, in that the shaver doesn’t foresee the remorse that is ahead of him until it is upon him and he has Bearders Remorse.

The choice to shave with the anticipation of Beard ers Remorse due to past Beards dose makes the shave easier, and the shaver feels minimal Bearders Remorse.
by ryanwatson986,ryry104 August 22, 2011
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The instant regret felt by a man who hastily shaves off his beard either out of impulse or frustration, usually after a considerable amount of time and money has been spent growing, grooming, and nurturing it.
Tim: Joaquin looks so different without that gnarly beard. I barely recognized him at the bar last night.
Sean: I know! But be careful mentioning that around him. Dude is having some serious bearder's remorse about it.
by sweetbeejesus March 07, 2012
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