After getting drunk and hooking up after the bar, my buddy was picking pubes out of his teeth because he went down on a bear cat.
by SphynxVV October 17, 2009
An over weight or chubby lesbian.
Look at those two chicks over there, that ones a huge "bear cat!"
by The Uncle Booger December 11, 2014
1. A wolverine.

2. A car made by Stutz.
1. The "bear cat" is neither a bear nor a cat, but a member of the Weasel Family (Mustelidae).

2. The Stutz Bear Cat was a classy car. Elvis loved Stutzs.
by Marten Fisher November 26, 2006
with the thumb inserted into the vagina, and the middle finger in the anus, the act of rubbing these two digits together through the thin tissue layer seperating them.
"you should have seen the look on her face after i gave her the bear cat!"
by poon-jabby January 14, 2005
How many babies is that kitty cat bear carrying in its pouch? I don’t know but it sure is cute!!!
by FL fact finder January 15, 2021