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1. The Supreme Master of Beans.

2. (In science fiction) A member of the fifth caste of the Beanoid species, a race of giant sentient bipedal extraterrestrial bean beings. Beanmasters form a ruling elite over the other castes that make up the bulk of the Beanoid population and their directions shape and steer the course the Beanoid Empire takes in its dealings with other sentient species.
All hail Beanmaster Charles- Supreme Master of The Beans!

"… And so it came to pass in the 5,988th year of the Galactic Era that the Beanmasters united the quarreling factions of the Beanoids, and set them on the path to forging what would in time become the formidable Beanoid Empire: the Federation's direst foe."
~Extract from The Official History of the Bean Wars: Volume I
by Charlemagne1993 October 04, 2017
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