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Verb. Beanjuice is used as a derogatory term to describe the actions of people who behave with disregard for coolness, who enjoy engaging in retarded activities and who are socially outcast. can also be used as a noun 'Beanjuicer' which is directly applied to those who partake in beanjuicy activities.
I saw Bethany last night, she's such a beanjuicer
by May 06, 2011
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the sauce found in a tin of baked beans
β€œAre you gonna mop up the bean juice with your pizza crust? β€œβ€œdamn right, love me some fuckin bean juice”
by littlehognose June 07, 2018
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After anal sex, a leakage of sperm and poo
i bean juiced all over my sheets after being taken up the arse
by jamie farrell February 22, 2005
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a fart accompanied by anal leakage
I thought I had a hemmoriod! Biy was I relieved that it was only bean juice
by mooseknuckles November 12, 2002
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The seed contained in a man's ballbag. More commonly known as ejaculate
Ellen: Where's your girlfriend?
Mark: Dumped. She only wanted me for my bean juice.
Ellen: Well, it is in high demand.
by Pootytang86 May 30, 2016
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are you drinking any liquid right now then youre drinking bean juice, bean juice can heal anything that is wrong with you but you have about a 90% chance of dying so we will never really know if it helps that person or not ;?
yo did you here about Jackson dude drank bean juice and lived
via giphy
by Benjamin_Sharp2 July 01, 2018
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