The female equivalent of the 'Wank Bank'.

A mental storage of arousing sights or experiences for future onanistic pursuits.
In Lehmann's terms, what your lass thinks about when she's flicking the bean.
Sophie felt Carl's bulging bicep. She then stored it safely in her Bean Bag
by the diddler June 12, 2015
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I like it when chicks play with my bean bag.
by Jeff November 27, 2003
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A presumably uninsured jalopy that contains a dozen or more Mexicans. Said vehicle is typically an 80s-era, USA-brand van or minivan with oxidating paint, cheap purple tinting, honeycombs of dents, gaudy chrome tire rims, and a large Virgin Mary and/or Mexican flag and/or Oakland Raiders decal(s) on the back window and Latino/Salsa radio station stickers on the rear bumper. Often seen in downscale areas of Santa Ana and decaying LA suburbs of Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera, South Gate, and Huntington Park. In general, prevalence of Bean Bags in a city indicates lack of white or Asian majority. Sometimes blaring Mexican polka/ranchera music ostensibly broadcasted from radio stations advertised on bumper stickers. Driver travels at least 20 miles per hour below the speed limit at all times. Driver and rest of adults are often obese with vacant expressions on their faces; kids in car also obese but often seen jumping up and down on seats or floor of vehicle or staring blankly at you through its back windows as you nearly get killed trying to pass it on the 5 Freeway in heavy traffic.
I was on the 5 this morning when I got stuck behind a bean bag full of fat Mexicans.
by WhooooAreYouuuu June 2, 2006
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To 'bean bag' is to fart in a sleeping bag after a campfire meal that includes baked beans and hold the top closed with someone inside. If you're especially perverse, you may choose to close yourself in the sleeping bag to marinate in your own butt funk.

The camping version of a 'ditch oven.'
Jordan: That was a delicious meal, honey! ::FART!::
(Jordan quickly scrambles out of the sleeping bag and pulls it over Beth's head while she gags in horror.)
Beth: That's disgusting! Must we always do this when we're camping? I'm going to stop making beans if you cotinue to bean bag me every camping trip.
by The Real Beth January 11, 2012
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A douchebag who happens to be Mexican/ a beaner.
That wannabe cholo is such a fucking bean bag.
by Ahoohoo January 9, 2015
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A state of catatonic pleasure often caused buy an intense period of sitting around doing fuck all, drinking Special brew. Shamians have trained for years to reach such a state, but "bean bag" is often aquired by homeless people in glasgow at least 16 times a day, untill they collapse
*A Hobo reaches "bean Bag" for the 7th time in one day*
Hobo 1"hooooo fuckin noooo way this is like a sack of dead unwanted kittens, but better cos theres no cats involved"
Hobo 2"indeed"
Hobo 1"yes, indeed"
by penis-vagina July 30, 2005
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