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A variant on the Jew Claw that stems from UK TV personality Jeremy Beadle, who famously had a withered right hand.

The Beadle Claw is displayed as such: the ring and little fingers are tucked flat agains the palm of the right hand, while the middle finger, index finger and thumb are extended in a crooked 'claw' shape. The claw is then tucked into the cuff of the sleeve to accentuate the small hand look. This can be further enhanced by holding next to the left hand to display the size difference.

The Beadle Claw is used in the background of photographs to 'poke fun' on unknowing foreground members of the photographs, much like the classic 'bunny fingers'
Scott: Neil - that dude is giving you the Beadle Claw in the photo!
by Pervos September 03, 2005
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