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Area of Revere Massachusetts. Known for the Easy furnishment of drugs and alcohol to Minors and adults. Also a stop On The MBTA. Close to Revere Beach.
What up son? where you goin? "I'm goin to get me dimmie and a couple 40's down B-Mont. I can get shit Where i live.
by G-Money December 13, 2004
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Section of Revere,MA.

Known to most as "bitchmont"

Known for: Beachmont Liquors, 7-Day Store, Dunkin' Donuts, Torettas, Beachmont house of pizza and Luigis.

People tend to gather in groups in front of the train station for no reason at all.
"Wanna come to my place"?
"Where do you live"?
"Oh.... Bitchmont... I have a um... funeral to go to"
by Richie The Bitch August 22, 2006
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