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Relatively small town near Bluepoint, Sayville, Oakdale, East Islip, Patchogue, Bellport, Holbrook, etc. Known to contain VERY hot guys. Everyone knows each other in this town, due to its small size. Generally a nice place.
1) Hey girl, whassup?
2) Not much, partying in Bayport tonight
1)Nice! Lucky! I need a new boyfriend, can I come?
2) Sure, just make sure you don't steal all the attention from me!
by shawn113 August 31, 2008
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the most amazing town you will every had gone to. It is in New York on Long Island. Fun people live there. Oh its by a bay.
Are you going to Bayport tonight?
by RAWR(: July 15, 2008
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White People Town on Long Island. Filled with contemptuous assholes who couldn't care less about anyone else. Only go here if you find SUVs and snobby upper-middle class jerks enjoyable. In other words, bring your towel if you're going to be around these narrow-minded souls.
Me - Hey man what you doing tonight?
You - Going to bayport for a little shindig!
Me - Oh yeah? Tell all those grimy yatch club badge wearing homos I said to keep fucking that chicken!
You - my father never loved me
by bhrbhrbhr February 04, 2010
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