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1. adj. Used to describe "action" movies that are inexplicably, excruciatingly boring, either because of a lack of real action scenes and a plethora of banal and horribly scripted non-action scenes, or because the action scenes themselves are atrociously directed and/or impossible to follow similar to a Michael Bay film.
2. adj. Used to describe an overproduced movie with a ludicrously high budget that still manages to be the most painfully sophomoric tripe imaginable, similar to what you would expect to get if you gave your 8 year-old nephew a camcorder and a 20 million dollar computer, or what you would expect to see from your typical Michael Bay film.
3. adj. Used to describe any scene or bit of dialogue from a film that is so insanely stupid and non-sensical that it defies belief. Like when a giant robot pees on someone, or like any scene from any Michael Bay film.
4. adj. Used to describe a film that cannot be enjoyed by any intelligent, thinking, discerning person of any taste whatsoever, much like any Michael Bay film.
Jesus Christ. Did you see the latest Bayformers movie? I wanted to like it but its obscene and unrelenting Baynality made it impossible.
by Ed Woody February 19, 2012
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