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A person of homosexual preference. Derived from the word "bawtymon" in the patois tongue. Also called referred to as a chich, sadomite, chichimon, or simply Bruno.
Pleasure P. Is the definition of bawts..him fi reach him bawtcave and blow in alfred battyhole
by Scooby-Dooby-Dooo! December 03, 2009
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A bawt is someone who can't pronounce the word "butt" correctly. You do not want to be a bawt, a big ole bawt, or a smelly bawt.
Jack: Yo Dubs wanna play games tonight?
Dubs: Ah fuck, man, I can't. I got a bawt load of homework to do. It sucks major bawt.

Jack: Fuck, man. That shit is bawt and you are a bawt.
by Swiffy McBallsMcGee December 09, 2018
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