Jack Bauer Power Hour (aka the best damn time of the week) occurs monday nights (or any other time of the week as long as you have an episode of 24, including commercial break (so you get the full 60 minutes)) where a shot of beer is taken for every minute Jack is in the field. If Jack is in the field kicking ass and putting his life on the line to save the US, we can at least show some respect by drinking some beer. God Bless Jack Bauer.
Hot Chick: Hey babe, wanna come out with me and my sorority girlfriends Monday night for some drinks?
Man: Fuck that, 24 is on and I have Jack Bauer Power Hour. Besides, sorority chicks are bitches.
by SneakyFoot March 02, 2010
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During the show 24 instead of taking a shot every time jack says dammit, everyone I know takes a sip of beer every time they say Jack or Bauer, and 2 drinks for every time they say Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Power Hour
by Saaahker February 05, 2009
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