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1.Greatest entity on earth that
we should all pray.

2.He rised from the death after a deadly fall on a toilet cover

3.Newest digital unit, MB = MegaBaube

4.Bauber = Doing something taht you don't know what it is but your doing it and your looking stupid.

5.Leader of the Sect of Baube (SOB)
also called Sons Of Bitches
The current members of the Sect of
Baube are:
aaube jaube raube
caube kaube saube
daube laubeΒ  taube
eaube maube uaube
faube naube vaube
gaube oaube waube
haube paube xaube
iaube qaube yaube
jaube aube zaube
DPsygnet and Darkfiretime
-Let's Baube !
-OMG I Baubed through it !
-Bah just baube it again and it will work
-Darn that download is big it's 657 MegaBaube !
-Hi, my name is Reggie and i'm about taking name and kicking Baube
by DPsygnet May 19, 2004
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