A small city outside of Vancouver Wa.
Known for its excessive amount of Bunners and hicks.

"Wow that town is a Battle Ground"
by Kayla Burleson July 12, 2008
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The town of bunners and drugs, more people brag about doing drugs than actually doing them. A 6th Grader tried to sell me a vape shit. Everyone has a juul, or some type of vape. The schools are the worse.
by A highschooler from bg September 30, 2018
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Battle Ground is a small town in Washington where everyone is depressed as fuck because the people here treat everyone like shit. If you think this is a good town to move to your wrong. The kids here are cold they beat you down constantly. There is pointless drama people make up cause it’s “fun.” The guys here are assholes and the girls are sluts. So to save your life your better moving to Africa or some shit.
Wow, Battle Ground got me at an all time low, man.
by Nom nom missions August 7, 2018
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A Small town in southwest Washington known only for its large amount of Apistolic Lutherans, or "Bunners". This town is also full of weed, and std's so be careful, or else.
Damn, Battle ground has really gone to the dump.
by Your boy. June 2, 2017
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The home of hicks, heroin and magick rocks
Heroin addicted hicks like to question the magick rocks of Battle Ground
by Hoelliday December 15, 2017
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A small city it South West Washington that is currently going to shit. A lot of Weed, heroin addicts and Juul addicts . Also stay away from BGHS and the skatepark.
Oh boy Battle Ground really is a shithole.
by Papermaker3 February 1, 2019
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One of the most original and creative Half-Life mods out there. This mod is based on the Revolutionary war. It is realistic, taking between 1-3 shots to kill a person, however usually 1 or 2. It is also realistic in the sense that you can only fire once before you need to reload, however, they make it work well. You can find "The Battle Grounds" at www.bgmod.com
DUDE! BG is the best HL mod I've ever played!
by Trauma Filter July 13, 2004
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