In a similiar vain as spiderman a ho or superman a ho.

Batmanning a ho entails a surprise entry into the "batcave" followed by a load of skeet to chest (to symbolize the batman logo) while saying "bam, kersplat, pow, etc..." as an omage to the Adam West Batman.
"I batmanned your mom last night"

"Don't simply have sex, batman a ho"

To batman a ho is to know jesus.
by Skullthuggery November 13, 2007
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When you cum into a girl's hair, and mold the hair to have two spikes sticking out... mostly cuz you hate the bitch...
Fred: Dude, Bitch was acting up, so I decided to get my revenge...

Dude: You didn't?

Fred: oh yeah, I had to Batman that Ho!
by Rwasb March 22, 2009
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When you cum on a chick, then get your Lousiville Slugger and whack that ho with it. If this bitch can't keep her yap shut about the whole deal, the police usually get involved.
"Dude, I spent the night in jail for Batman that Ho on Julia... then some big Black guy Spidermanned me! "
by The Kenny73 February 2, 2009
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When you and your boy are fuckin a girl (aka Batman and Robin) and then you both bust in her face singing the batman and robin song
Girl "both you guys come over here and batman in the front, you in the back"
Boys: Lets batman that ho by cumin on her face while singin the song
by ali pierre November 3, 2007
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When you titty fuck a girl, cum on her chest, then use the Bat Wing (From "Waiting"), and stamp that bitch's chest, which makes the Batman Emblem on her chest.
Last night I got crazy with my girl while titty fucking her, and did the Batman to her.
She loved it, BATMAN DAT HO!
by Travis Hale November 27, 2007
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