The word "splat", but with the "Ker-" prefix, thus way more awesome.
Example man: I walked down the street, tripped, and KERSPLAT!

Lil' Guard Duck from Pearls Before Swine: Dearest Pig, These are dark days. Days filled with empty bottles and empty hearts and an abundance of unwanted clarity. For I now see that to love is to leap an unleapable gorge and hope that a rope will be thrown from the other side. When it works, it's a spectacular feat of daring. And when it doesn't, it's kersplat. Kersplat.
by filiph February 6, 2009
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The act of using a cadbury creme egg as an anal projectile, One simply inserts a cream egg into their rectum, and squats over their partners chest, followed by a forceful pushing motion; the Creme Egg will spew out onto your partners chest with some velocity, causing what is called A Cadbury Kersplat
GUY 1: did you see jeff last night? his girl was trying to give him a Cadbury Kersplat! and missed his Chest!!
GUY 2: OMG no way! she did'nt!!
GUY 1: Totally dude, she Cadbury Kersplatted all over his face!!
by muahahahking123 April 18, 2018
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