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This occurs when you do good/nice things for people and nobody cares or acknowledges what you've done for them much like the relationship between Batman and the City of Gotham.
Tom: So I watched over Joe's house while he was on Va-Ca and when he came back he didn't say thanks then he was pissed because i misplaced his frying pan. what a dick!

Pete: Yeah you've got a real Batman Complex on your hands.

by wallacj3 March 31, 2009
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When you do alot of good in the world, but you know that it will gain you many enemies so you shun much of public life. You gove up relationships, have an uneasy relationship with family, and you build up your body and your mind every day for the fight every knight
So why doesn't John ask Stephanie out?
Oh he cares too much about her. With his Batman complex, he knows that she will never be safe
by Jfredrick December 23, 2014
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someone who takes it upon them self to take on a perceived danger no mater how ridiculous (even if it is only a one percent chance)
Look at Bill going off to put in those outlet protectors to protect his kids.
Aren't they 10 year olds?
Yeah he has a serious batman complex going on
by Captain Ginyu September 22, 2016
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