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Someone who writes on the wall of a bathroom stall while using the toilet.
Last time I was in stall number 2 I saw an amazing critique of the utility of Scott's mom, coupled with a drawing of a penis, done by the bar's most prolific bathroom blogger, Jocko.
by Chaz Burgundy October 18, 2007
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A person who does their deep thought, prolific writing while sitting on the toilet in the privacy of their bathroom. This environment is mentally and creatively stimulating to them and provides them the perfect privacy needed to write. This person is also more likely to be a Toilet Tweeter.
Ken writes two to three blog posts a day from the confines of his toilet, in the privacy of his bathroom. Sometimes this Bathroom Blogger takes his talent to work, spending his entire lunch break on the toilet writing on his laptop.
by K Whitt January 27, 2013
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