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n. A Batch Bricker or a .bat Bricker is an extremely malicious and violent script exploit, primarily for the Windows operating system, which firstly executes a .bat script disguised as a legitimate file to delete all system files and critical program data on the C: drive, all .ini files, all registry files and corrupts/deletes the MBR so that the HDD cannot be recovered and the computer will no longer boot up. While doing this it glues the cursor to an area of the screen and disables the user from being able to move the mouse without the mouse returning to the glued position. This exploit has been around since DOS and is extremely dangerous in that it can easily be disguised as a legitimate file such as an image, sound file or installation wizard. It is also dangerous in that it can easily be accidentally opened via mouse click. This type of attack has reduced in popularity because it is outrageously illegal and produces nothing valuable for the attacker other than the knowledge he irreparably damaged a computer. Only the most evil of evil would use this attack. Advancements in anti-virus software have made the detection of this type of attack easily preventable. Even modern free anti-virus softwares will detect and quarantine/neutralize this type of attack. The best means of avoiding this attack is to practice discretion when downloading files from the internet and scanning the files before any attempts at execution are made.
Unfortunately, my client name redacted has fallen victim to a batch bricker, has lost all his data and will now have to purchase a new computer system. The culprit was the downloading of, in his own words, a file which would clean out viruses and make his computer run faster. Despite the site being very suspect, even by the standards of a computer illiterate individual, the man went ahead and downloaded the malicious filed and opened it without question. Don't be like name redacted, scan your files before use.
by bewbays March 18, 2018
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