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When a man takes stretches out his scrotum with his hands, then someone puts a flashlight behind it to illuminate the shadow on the wall.
Ray-Ray's wife was greatly suprised, when she arrived home, opened the door to her bedroom, and found her husband sending her the bat signal.
by zion August 19, 2004
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The batsignal is an alert put forth by Magic Online users to alert other users of scammers in the classifieds section. It is generally put up by a disgruntled member in spite after they have been scammed. It is also the signal used in the popular Batman movies to receive Batman's attention.
You're the scourge of the earth and you don't deserve to live" "Cheers for the tix brah, don't put up the bat signal!
by BODSKATESH August 06, 2011
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A mass text message or email that informs your friends of an impromptu social event.
Researcher 1: We've been sequencing DNA for 13 hours; I need a ton of beer and a dance party, in that order.

Researcher 2: Hell yeah! I'll put out the bat signal.
by fisdpdt June 01, 2007
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refers to the children's character β€˜The Bat Man’, a strong gentleman who fights crime nocturnally
by derry_murbles June 29, 2017
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a stealthy maneuver done to a guy while he is either asleep or passed out. when you take the scrotum-AKA the ballsac and stretch both sides, making the bat signal.
kid1: "have you ever been dooped?"

marines guy: "no...but i did get a bat signal once!"

everyone: "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!"
by jneill June 06, 2007
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When a physically endowed woman is showcasing her blessed mammory glands with revealing cleavage at a social establishment. BAT is an acronym for big ass titties, but also means that when a chick flashes her badass chichis, Bruce Wayne himself would pay admission.
Damn, son, you saw Dulce tonight? Shes flashing the motherfucking bat signal son! Mm mmm....
by Jabberwocky1111 March 23, 2009
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scrotum, sack, veiny eyeball vision, eyeBALLS,scrotumface, scroatmeal, smegmal residue
I tightly stretched my nutsack around her face ear to ear and used my flashlight to illuminate the inside of my scrote within her field of vision. She exclaimed it was the most colorful batsignal she'd ever seen.
by Ego' October 31, 2018
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