Sometimes percieved as an insult, usually a stereotype or label.

A basketcase is common word used to describe a social outcast in school. Some characteristics of a basketcase included emotional instability, weirdness, and constant isolation from mainstream society. A basketcase is often independent and isolationist, in other words, anti-social.

This word was widely used in the 80s. Like most slang prior to the 90s, it has fallen into disuse. Today, a basketcase can be categorized in three groups known as the goth, emo, and punk.
"You are such a basketcase!" - Random Prep
"I know, I don't follow the trend, you got a problem with that?" - Basketcase
by HaXor Dude February 21, 2005
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song by green day in their first non indie label record Dookie, track 7 to be exact. In the video they play mental patients in an insane asylum. Ps. green day never sold out, they grew up and changed their music unlike most bands with all the same songs
that basketcase video by green day is pure jokes!
by adamoats December 22, 2005
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the craziest, and undoubtedly the most disturbing, low rate horror movie ever made released in 1982. a must see if your a darkseeking fuck with a large scar on your hip since birth.
guy 1: "wait, you got a siamese twin?"
guy 2: "yea, he eats twinkies allday and chills in my toilet... hes a real basketcase."
by breeding. May 24, 2013
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An awesome song from Green Day's classic 1994 album, "Dookie". Before they completely sold out.
Man, I'm rockin out Green Day's "Basketcase", it's awesome.
by johnnyappleseeder July 21, 2005
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