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Similar to the Penis Game, the winner is determined by the person or people that get caught first. The game is pointed towards High Schoolers (generally upper-classmen) in a classroom setting. The people playing must start by masturbating the air of the crotch region of that persons body, motioning a fake masturbation, for at least three seconds. Then, the player must fling the contents of the fake masturbatory act towards the next player in the room with a basketballesque type motion including a hookshot, fade away, around the back, etc., or other sports related motion/ universal hand motion symbol. Other motions include bowling, pitching a baseball, tossing a hand grenade, etc. The person who has the contents flung at them is the next player to perform the next motion. The remaining person who hasn't been caught by a teacher or other authority figure wins.
Matt: "Hey lets play some baskeetball in class today"
Jacob: "Yeah man, just dont get caught by Mr Simmons!"
by TeetMasta February 10, 2015
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