Auctioning site used to auction and trade virtual items of popular mmorpg "Maplestory", created by Bogdan Raczynski under the alias Mr.Basil. Basilmarket is known for it's "chat section" which is filled with racists, attention whores, aznseals and 4chan memes. But in the deep pile of shit, is much funny and interesting subjects.
Innocent guy:Hey let's go to basil market.
Aznseal: So i herd u liek mudkipz.
Paulpker121: Paulpker121 does not liek mudkipz.
Anselm:C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!
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An auction site for the MMORPG MapleStory. Basilmarket is owned my MrBasil (IGN = MrCurry) and is moderated by bokuwaomar, EluNirvelli, Mindstormer, Misacorp, xXSykoXx and MrBasil. Users can upload screens, videos, and buy/sell items from the game. Forums are also another feature of this site. Users can chat with other MapleStory players on various topics. The chat section of the forums is very popular and can be random very often. Users can also upload drawings related to MapleStory in the screen section of the site. Some people have gained in game fame (good or bad) from this site as well (posting godly items or just attention whoring). Many users get flamed for asking simple questions/making dumb posts. Debates go on about which is better BasilMarket or SleepyWood.net
Chris9292: "Check out this godly Magicodar I bought off BasilMarket!"

Chris9292: "Help me please, I don't know where to train efficiently"
Xbowgirl15: "STFU who the hell cares about you, you dumb beaner! Get back in the kitchen"
Wintersfire: "Find out yourself"
Chris9292: " =( "

RandomUser: "I socked my dad in the face!"
RandomUser2: "Pics or it never happened"
by xchxrixsx November 10, 2007
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A website made for the auctioning and bargaining of maplestory items, but over time, became a website of phail and noobs. Largely similar to 4chan.

Basil Market is also known for having a large quantity of Asian people. This is why there is numerous discussion on pho, ssbm, stereotypes, and pocky. BM is very fun.

DAY 1: Ooh, look what I found! Basil Market! Maple Story auctions, yay!

DAY 2: Why are there so many racist threads, and so much discussion about religion...? =(

DAY 3: Omg, lol. Lok @ teh nub tryin' 2 git famus on basulmerket he tok bout ssbm and his hair lol

DAY 4: 3very1 lok mi vid30 i maek bout mi maple char plz plz plz rate
by MrStalker January 06, 2008
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A webiste originally used for maplestory auctioning... now commonly used for attetion grabbers, spammers, forum games, grammer abusers, "post your real picture", sex offenders, maple gossip, Random shit, suicide talk, life complaints, advice, flame wars, rate my pic, funny videos, online slang abusers, Lol's to Wtf's, Tiger Fans, posting pictures, and etc.

People in basilmarket can vary from ages 6 to 80. Most of them don't even play the game maplestory. They just go there to talk about stuff. And most people dont give a crap

"I quit maplestory, but i still go on basilmarket."

"Let's go trade at basilmarket."
by Sah-An-Eye'd November 18, 2007
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A website for chatting. Ignore all other places in the site other than the chat section, as they are simply fillers made by mrbasil to waste bandwidth on the intranetz. The original intent of the site was for chatting; AznSeal had ordered mrbasil to create a home for him, but being the fag he is, he ignored the almighty AznSeal and added shitty auction thingie for the game 'MapleStory' (also shitty). The site is spammed with interesting threads, including IRL pic threads and SSBM threads. Be aware that pedophiles lurk around, as kids and teens use the site frequently. A common misconception is that Basilmarket is filled with idiots, but in reality, it is smart people that are pretending to be idiots. So if you thought that, go back to your shithole and eat orange mushrooms or something.
A typical thread in Basilmarket:

Basiler 1: lulz wuld u daet me?
Basiler 2: yea lolz i liv at 23 dundas cr. cum 2marow
Basiler 3: yea lulz u hawt
Basiler 4: No.
by mrbasil May 05, 2008
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Basilmarket is a website in which you can ask questions and bid for auctions and talk to others about MapleStory. However, most of basilmarket is a crude, insane place where idoits and 10 year olds roam for a living. Most people on BasilMarket are Attention Hors who cannot live life, and have a extremely low IQ. BasilMarket should only be used for literate people and for auctions, not for idoits. The owner "Mr.Basil" and mods should definitely conclude to stricter rules and more permenant bans.
AznSeal: omg guys look at me im so cool
SnuffliePuff: i hate my life boohoo
Random Person: u phail, its over 9000, i herd u liek mudkipz, im so 1337 guyz
Random Person2: BasilMarket rockzzzz, i flame u all, haha nibz
paulpker121: paulpker121 is not amused.
Ang3licSword: You guys need a life. -_-
by Sarah Ramirez February 24, 2008
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