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An auction site for the MMORPG MapleStory. Basilmarket is owned my MrBasil (IGN = MrCurry) and is moderated by bokuwaomar, EluNirvelli, Mindstormer, Misacorp, xXSykoXx and MrBasil. Users can upload screens, videos, and buy/sell items from the game. Forums are also another feature of this site. Users can chat with other MapleStory players on various topics. The chat section of the forums is very popular and can be random very often. Users can also upload drawings related to MapleStory in the screen section of the site. Some people have gained in game fame (good or bad) from this site as well (posting godly items or just attention whoring). Many users get flamed for asking simple questions/making dumb posts. Debates go on about which is better BasilMarket or SleepyWood.net
Chris9292: "Check out this godly Magicodar I bought off BasilMarket!"

Chris9292: "Help me please, I don't know where to train efficiently"
Xbowgirl15: "STFU who the hell cares about you, you dumb beaner! Get back in the kitchen"
Wintersfire: "Find out yourself"
Chris9292: " =( "

RandomUser: "I socked my dad in the face!"
RandomUser2: "Pics or it never happened"
by xchxrixsx November 10, 2007
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